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When you get older do you need less sleep?

I think that when you get older, the more sleep you need, due to stress.  When you have a lot of stress on your shoulders then you will want to find ways to blow off the energy. Whether it is playing games, washing, reading or watching T.V sleep is one of the ways to burn it off. Most people like sleep so sleep will be the answer, but not for everyone. To keep the body running you will need 8 hours of sleep, which is recommended, to keep your body running.

Another reason could be because if you have kids they can be a handful, and they can be stressful. So you can get all the rest you need, BECAUSE WHEN YOU HAVE A CHILD AND A LOT OF STRESS ON YOU THEN HAVING A EARLY NIGHT WILL PROBABLY BE THE BEST THING FOR YOU.

Final reason to continue my point is that when you have work and having problems like family problems can stress you out and make you tired, because when you grow up you have a lot more responsibility. Also you have to pay bills, which can be annoying because then you may not have enough money for what you want or need. This concludes my reason on why when you get older, you will need more sleep.


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The reason why I do agree with not spending money on space, because lets say you just spent at least 9.2 million on a rocket, you travel all the way to the moon and you don’t find anything. That could be the case. Also if the rocket doesnt launch properly you just lost a LOT of money. Then you may have no money and in a month maybe, you will forget about this rocket, when you could of got a new home, clothes, food and more and you would still have money remaining.

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Graffiti: Vandalism or art?

I believe that graffiti is vandalism. This is because people build offices of housing and they want it fully clean and sparkling not dirty. I understand the artist doing it on walls, but not on building. Most graffiti is permanent so you can’t remove it and some may not like it. Others like it but not everyone does. If your going to do it on walls, ask first as well. The owner may or may not be happy with you doing this because they are not always going to say yes.

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T.V impact on children

The writer uses persuasive writing by saying what will happen in the long term and in adulthood. The other reason is that they won’t get out of the house. So they won’t get fresh air. The last reason is that they won’t interact with their parents as much as they would.

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The gap between the rich and the poor is an incentive for success

I agree with this because when you are rich, the poor are forgotten about, and the poor need money. What some homeless people do is perform for money like playing a guitar, singing or playing music. This sometimes attracts people to them and they give whoever is performing money. Once they have done this they move up to richer neighborhoods and get more money. This gives them inspiration and sometimes they may become famous. This is the reason why I agree with the statement.

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Shakespeare has created tension by making the language trick Macbeth. It tricks him by saying minimum about, “No man or woman born shall harm Macbeth”. This sentence doesn’t tell him much about it. Macduff killed Macheth because he wasn’t born. He was ‘untimely ripped’ from his mothers womb. The witches told Macbeth about prophecies

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Essay: How does Shakespeare create Dramatic irony?

Shakespeare creates tension through dramatic irony. An example of this is when Macbeth murdered Duncan and when he is with a lot of people he secretly mentions little bits of it, and the characters will put the pieces together and realise that he murdered someone. Then he acts like he didn’t do it. “O, yet I do repent me of my fury.” Then Lady Macbeth faints on purpose to play along and not get caught.

At the start of the play Macbeth meets three witches. They tell Macbeth that he will be King and when he is going home, he becomes Thane of Cawdor, because the witches told him, he didn’t belive them. He told Lady Macbeth about this and Lady Macbeth belived the witches. That is another example of dramatic irony.The witches cursed the sailors husband for not giving her some chestnuts. The curse was that all of the people on the boat will never go sleep and they will be extremely hungry. ” Aroint thee, witch, the rump-fed runnion cries.” This shows that the audience knows about this, but Macbeth doesn’t. So when the witches come up to him, he doesn’t know any better. This is another example of dramatic irony.

The audience can’t tell Macbeth because they are not in the play. Another one is that Macbeth hired murderers to kill Banquo and no one knows about that except Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. “My lord, his throat is cut ; that I did for him.” That is what one of the murderers said to macbeth once he killed Banquo in secret. This is another example of dramatic irony.

The language helps this because certain words will support this and it will make more sense if this language was used on certain scenes. The audience may not understand it, but the actors know what is going on. ” O, full of scorpions is my mind dear wife!” This means that Macbeth is worried that Banquo and Fleance are still alive.Which means that if dramatic irony is going on then some may not understand it.

This enhanced the meaning because the language goes with it and some of the words make sense. If proper English words mix into the play, then it might not make as much sense as it would with old English.”Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck” meaning act like you don’t know anything about what just happened.

Shakespeare created tention and messes with fate because at the start of the play, Macbeth is a ‘brave’ person. Then the witches show up and they mess with fate with saying to Macbeth”All hail Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter” These means that the witches are telling Macbeth that he will be king. This has now changed his attitude from brave to wanting to know more. Later on he kills the King, this shows that now he killed his best friend just because the witches told him that he will become king. Lady Macbeth also changed, once he was king she became hungry. She wanted Macbeth to kill most people so she could be more, over the course of the play she manipluates Macbeth into killing people. She maniplulated him so far that he cannot stop killing now for the spots.

That is how I think that Shakespeare creates dramatic irony in Macbeth.

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Act 4 scene 3

In this scene Macduff urges Malcolm to go to the defence of Scotland, which is being weakened by Macbeth’s tyranny, then Malcolm tells his suspicions that Macduff is Macbeth’s agent and has good reasons to betray him to Macbeth. Then Malcolm tells him that he has English troops to support his cause, bit his vices are much much worse then Macbeth. Then Macduff feels he is to blame. He vows vengeance on Macbeth.


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Act 4 scene 1

At the start of the scene the three witches meet with Macbeth while they are making a sickening potion with a lot of nasty ingredients in it. Then Hecate shows up to congratulate the witches, then Macbeth appears and challenges them to answer the questions he asked. Then the witches show their apparitions, one comes out and says ” beware Macduff.” Then Macbeth demands to know the future. So the witches show him. Then the witches dance  and disappear. Macbeth resolves to kill every member of Macduff’s family.


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Act 3 scene 4

In this scene Macbeth enters as King and Lady Macbeth as Queen. The lords enter and Lady Macbeth greets then. Macbeth hired a murderer to kill Banquo and he came in and told him it is done.”There’s blood upon thy face.” Then Banquos ghost enters and sits where Macbeth should be sitting, then Macbeth says there are no more seats. Then Lennox gave him a seat. Only Macbeth can see the ghost and he saw it again and he reactions differently, Lady Macbeth orders the lords to leave then Lady Macbeth talks to Macbeth.


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